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High-throughput fluorescence
live-cell imaging


The CytoSMART Omni FL is a live-cell imager capable of producing high-quality, whole-well brightfield or high-throughput fluorescence images of living cells. Equipped with a brightfield and two fluorescence channels (green and red), the CytoSMART Omni FL can be used for continuous live-cell imaging, as well as endpoint assays. The applications of the CytoSMART Omni FL range from high-throughput analysis of cell viability and colony formation to evaluation of transfection efficiency and co-cultures. The versatility and flexibility of the device is further enhanced through its ability to scan multiple types of transparent cell culture vessels, ranging from T75 flasks and 96-well plates to microfluidic chips and custom culture vessels. The intuitive and open design of the CytoSMART Omni FL ensures that the device is easy to use and maintain, as well as it allows the incorporation of the device into established automated workflows.

Key features of the CytoSMART Omni FL:

  • Innovative cloud-based storage and image analysis – monitor and analyze your experiments in real-time, anywhere, anytime. Automatically keep your analyses up-to-date
  • Incubator-friendly – perform fluorescence and/or brightfield analyses without disturbing your cells
  • “Plug-and-play” – a short training will get you up-and-running. The device is easy to install and requires no maintenance/calibration
  • Automation-ready – the open design of the CytoSMART Omni FL ensures effortless incorporation into established workflows, such as automated lab setups or custom culture systems

Great for following organoid growth and morphogenesis over time!

Ary Marsee Utrecht University

"The Omni is a great device for following organoid growth and morphogenesis over time across multiple conditions. The ability to image entire plates in the incubator allowed us to capture unique events and generate large data sets at ease."

Application Area: Follow organoid growth and morphogenesis over time

High-throughput fluorescence and brightfield imaging

Scan multiple samples and multiple types of culture vessels

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Fluorescent labelling of cells and cell structures can aid understanding of complex biological processes. The CytoSMART Omni FL can acquire full-well (and whole-plate) brightfield, as well as fluorescence images and time-lapse videos of cells. Its ability to scan multi-well plates (from 6- to 384-well plates) enables the CytoSMART Omni FL to be used for high-throughput analyses. In addition, other types of culture vessels (e.g. flasks, microfluidic devices, custom culture vessels) can also be imaged using the CytoSMART Omni FL.

Applications: cell viability, transfection efficiency, co-culture analysis, and more

Study complex biological processes

The CytoSMART Omni FL with its brightfield and fluorescence channels and integrated image analysis algorithms can be used for a variety of applications, ranging from evaluating collective cell migration rates to examining co-culture models.

Cloud-based data storage and image analysis

Monitor and analyze your experiments anywhere, anytime

Omni cloud2

Images and videos of running or completed experiments can be accessed and analyzed from anywhere and anytime using the CytoSMART Cloud. The AI-based image analysis enables efficient and accurate quantification of output parameters, including brightfield/fluorescence cell confluence and fluorescent object count.

Easy incorporation into an automated lab workflow

Integrate live-cell imaging into your lab automation system

Omni FL side

The open design of the CytoSMART Omni FL facilitates its incorporation into existing (non-)automated workflows and protocols. The incorporation of a live-cell imaging module not only increases the range of output measurements, but also the efficiency and reproducibility of a scientific study.

Technical specifications

ChannelsBrightfield with digital phase contrast
Green and red fluorescence channels
Camera6.4 MP CMOS
Magnification10× fixed objective
Image resolution2072 × 2072 pixels
Scan area86 × 124 mm (3.4’’ × 4.9’’)
Light sourceLED
Data formatsJPG, TIFF, XLSX, MP4
Data storageUnlimited cloud storage
Computer requirementsWindows 10, USB 3.0, 2.4 GHz i5, 8 GB RAM
Dimensions (L × W × H)396 × 345 × 171 mm (15.6’’ × 13.6’’ × 6.7’’)
Weight9 kg (19.8 lb)
Culture vesselsWell-plates, Petri dishes, flasks, microfluidic chips, and custom culture vessels (lower than 55 mm (2.2’’))
Operating conditions5 – 40°C, 20 – 95% humidity
Warranty1-year parts and labor
AlgorithmsBrightfield: cell confluence, scratch assay, and colony assay
Fluorescence: cell confluence and fluorescent object count
Research use only. Not intended for diagnostic purposes.


Frequently Asked Questions

The CytoSMART Omni FL is a fluorescence (green and red) and brightfield microscope designed to image live cells directly inside a cell culture incubator. The device can be used for continuous cell culture monitoring, as well as endpoint assays.

Samples are illuminated using an LED and recorded with a moving camera positioned below the sample stage. During brightfield acquisition, the camera scans the sample stage and acquires a series of sequential images. One complete brightfield scan generates around 7850 snapshots. These are stitched to form an image with a surface area of 86 mm × 124 mm (3.4’’ × 4.9’’). When acquiring fluorescence images, the users can choose how many snapshots of a defined location within the well they want to record. The images are then uploaded to the CytoSMART Cloud where they can be analyzed using our image analysis algorithms.

You can specify the interval rate between 1 – 24 hours or choose to perform a single scan.

Brightfield/fluorescence cell confluence analysis algorithm, scratch assay (i.e. collective cell migration) analysis algorithm, clonogenic assay algorithm, and fluorescent object count are currently a part of the image analysis software package. Users always have the option to download the raw data and perform their own analysis.

Yes, the CytoSMART Omni FL is designed to be used inside a cell culture incubator. Its hardware and electronics can operate at 5 – 40°C and between 20 – 95% humidity.

Many different fluorescent dyes can be used, as long as the fluorescent dye’s excitation and emission spectra correspond with the fluorescence filters of the Omni FL (green – excitation: 452/45 nm, emission: 512/23 nm; red – excitation: 561/14 nm, emission: 630/90 nm). Some examples are calcein-AM, and green fluorescent protein (GFP) for the green channel, and propidium iodide (PI) and red fluorescent protein (RFP) for the red channel.

It is essential to match the fluorescent dye to the optical filter specifications of the device. In addition, it is important to ensure that the dye is not toxic to live cells.

Any transparent culture vessel that is lower than 55 mm (2.2’’) (height of the light arc) can be scanned. Some examples include 6 – 384-well plates, Petri dishes, T25 – T225, triple flasks, and HYPERFlasks. However, the user needs to keep in mind that the size of the scan area is limited to 86 mm × 124 mm (3.4’’ × 4.9’’).

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