About Us

Innovative imaging systems designed to enhance the life science research experience

In 2022, we became part of Axion Biosystems, with the aim of combining forces to simplify life sciences while enabling the development of new discoveries and better therapies.

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Accelerating progress

Axion BioSystems is an innovator in kinetic live-cell imaging, combining compact, fast imaging hardware with powerful image analysis algorithms supported by cloud computing. Our systems use automated time-lapse microscopy and image-based cell counting to generate robust, high-quality data.

Providing flexibility

Our team of engineers continue to develop and optimize image analysis and data storage capacities, ensuring that data-sets are easily processed, stored, and kept securely, enabling research that builds on largescale data-sets with conveniently accessible results.

Collaborating for success

We are continuously improving our products to aid the life science community to the best of our abilities. By publishing useful tools we strive to bring new insight to cell culture dynamics. We believe that maintaining relations with real end-users is essential for the success of all involved.


We would like to thank our customers, partners, and employees for being a crucial part of our company’s success over the years.

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