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Live cell imaging and
automated cell counting
to understand your cells

brightfield imaging

Brightfield imaging

Universal brightfield live-cell imagers, adapted to varying applications, budgets, and both, small and large research groups.

Fluoresence imaging

Fluorescence imaging

A wide range of applications from the analysis of gene and protein expression and localization to cytotoxicity and cell-cell interactions in co-cultures.

cell counting

Cell counting

Fluorescence and brightfield automated cell counters that can also be adapted to assessing the number and shape of 3D cell cultures, such as organoids.

NEW! Organoid analysis module

Robust organoid monitoring and quantification

Homepage Cyto SMART Organoid Analysis Module

The Organoid Analysis Module for the CytoSMART Omni systems can identify, track, and analyze large numbers of organoids across an array of culture vessels with advanced machine-learning algorithms for faster, more accurate results. With the latest in live-cell imaging technology, take your research further.

KNIME and CytoSMART case study: automated spheroid imaging and analysis

Creating an automated pipeline for imaging and analyzing spheroid development

Microsoft Teams image 6

CytoSMART and KNIME have teamed up for a proof-of-concept project to establish an automated image analysis pipeline that can classify spheroids based on their development level.


High-throughput fluorescence live-cell imaging

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The CytoSMART Omni FL is a live-cell imager capable of producing high-quality, whole-well brightfield or high-throughput fluorescence images of living cells. Equipped with a brightfield and two fluorescence channels (green and red), the CytoSMART Omni FL can be used for continuous live-cell imaging, as well as endpoint assays.

CytoSMART Acquired by Axion Biosystems

Accelerating product innovation for life science laboratories worldwide

Cyto SMART Axion homepage announcement

CytoSMART is pleased to announce that it has been acquired by Axion Biosystems - an Atlanta, Georgia-based life sciences tools company specializing in next-generation bioelectronic assays. The collaboration positions the company for significant expansion in the fields of stem cell research, immuno-oncology, cell-based therapies, and drug discovery.


Label-free microscopy with high image quality

Cyto SMART Lux3 BR

The CytoSMART Lux3 BR is an inverted digital microscope that utilizes brightfield and digital phase-contrast microscopy to capture high-quality images of living cells. Due to its compact size, the microscope can be placed directly inside a standard cell culture incubator, allowing to perform long-term imaging experiments without sacrificing cell health and viability.

Introducing Exact FL

Best New Life Sciences Product of 2021 nominee

Award Exact FL nominee22

The CytoSMART Exact FL is an automated, dual fluorescence cell counter with an expanded field of view and unmatched resolution and magnification power. Thanks to our customers, the Exact FL has been nominated in the Best New Life Sciences Product of 2021 category!

CytoSMART is turning 10!

Advanced cell culture monitoring and analysis for life scientists

Cytosmart 10 anniversary min

We are excited to announce that this year we celebrate our 10th anniversary! 🎂 Learn more about our story, our people, and how new devices have been developed throughout the years that combine compact imaging hardware with powerful image analysis algorithms supported by cloud computing.

Live-cell imaging in a classroom

Easily convey cell biology knowledge and skills to students

Students in a life science class cytosmart live cell imaging in a classroom

Due to much time spent on theory and limited teaching hours, lecturers need an effective way to help students understand cell biological processes. Learn more about how live-cell imaging can be used as a teaching tool.

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