Cancer Spheroid

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Cancer spheroids and tumoroids are versatile three-dimensional (3D) in vitro models generated from cancer cells and tumor tissues. These 3D cancer models are more representative of in vivo tumor biology and cellular interactions, as compared to traditional 2D cell cultures. For that reason, scientists are using them to evaluate candidate immune cell products and accelerate preclinical drug development for urgently needed cellular immunotherapies. The platforms make it easy to study the formation, growth, and health of cancer spheroids in real time.


With 3D in vitro cancer spheroid assays:


Track spheroid growth and death in real time

Deriving physiologically relevant information about tumor spheroid formation, morphology, and health is essential for the development of effective cancer treatments. As spheroids grow under optimal conditions inside your incubator, they can be non-invasively monitored using the Omni and Lux platforms to study spheroid development and assess the potency of therapeutic agents.

Cancer spheroid formation with Cytosmart imaging
Cancer spheroid formation tracking over time with imaging platform
Cancer spheroid formation over 72 hours

Here, two types of cancer cells – GFP-transfected HeLa cells and C6 cells stained with CellTracker Orange – were co-cultured and monitored using the Omni FL for 72 hours. Within the first 24 hours, cancer spheroid formation was observed.

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