Immuno oncology imaging assays
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Immuno-oncology harnesses the inherent capabilities of the host immune system to combat cancer. The intrinsic complexity of the immune system and its involvement in a multitude of fundamental physiological processes, demands the application of a wide range of scientific tools that can provide an in-depth insight into immune function. The Omni live-cell imaging systems shed light on dynamic interactions between immune and tumor cells, allowing for easy observation of complex biology.

With immuno-oncology assays on our live-cell imaging platform:

  • >> Visualize interactions between immune and tumor cell cocultures in real time
  • >> Perform automated multi-well assays to measure potency of cell-based immunotherapies
  • >> Characterize morphology, proliferation, and viability of immune and cancer cells
  • >> Gain a deeper insight into immune cell killing using brightfield and fluorescence imaging


Visualize interactions between immune and tumor cell cocultures in real time

Cellular interplay between immune and tumor cells represents the core of many immunotherapeutic approaches. Spatial and temporal interactions can be captured in real time with the live-cell imaging platforms.

Induced tumor and macrophage cell interactions were observed in vitro using the Lux3 FL. In this experiment the lasting overlap interactions of macrophages and tumor cells were found to be, in fact, not phagocytic in nature.

Interaction between macrophages and tumor cells


Observation of a RAW264.7 macrophage (green) attacking 4T1 tumor cells (red).

  • >> Assay your cells in brightfield and fluorescence – From label-free cell monitoring to fluorescence-based assays, add dynamic visual data in any experiment.

  • >> Maintain the optimal culture environment – The Omni and Lux platforms operate within an incubator.

  • >> Track every moment – Automatically capture images as your cells grow in their optimal environment.

  • >> Get started quickly – Our live-cell analysis platforms are designed to be simple and flexible. With a host of analysis modules available, it is easy to adapt the systems to meet your needs.