Cytotoxicity Assays on live-cell imaging systems
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Cytotoxicity is a reflection of how lethal, or toxic something is to a cell. Exposure to cytotoxic agents may result in inhibition of cell growth, reduction in metabolic activity, and, ultimately, cell death. Cytotoxicity screening experiments are performed to investigate fundamental cell and tissue processes, evaluate safety, model disease progression, and develop novel treatment strategies.

Whether quantifying the concentration of viable cells in a sample or monitoring the effects of chemical agents on cell growth and viability – our platforms can help scientists gain insights into complex health and disease processes.


With real-time, automated cytotoxicity assays:


Assess cytotoxicity of chemotherapeutic agents for the development of cancer treatments

Analysis of cell viability and cytotoxicity is essential for the development of novel cancer treatments, drug screenings, and toxicology studies. Quantitative assessment and visualization of cell growth using confluence measurements is enabled by our live-cell imaging systems. Track cell death over time and assess cytotoxicity using advanced image analysis tools. 

Live-cell imaging assay of cytotoxic effects of chemotherapeutic drugs on cancer cells

Confluence analysis of PACO7 and PACO43 cells treated with increasing doses of anti-cancer drug, paclitaxel. The analysis shows that the relative metabolic activity and confluence of paclitaxel-treated cells decreased in a dose-dependent manner.


  • >> Assay your cells in brightfield and fluorescence – From label-free cell monitoring to fluorescence-based assays, add dynamic visual data in any experiment.

  • >> Maintain the optimal culture environment – The Omni and Lux platforms operate within an incubator.

  • >> Track every moment – Automatically capture images as your cells grow in their optimal environment.

  • >> Get started quickly – Our live-cell analysis platforms are designed to be simple and flexible. With a host of analysis modules available, it is easy to adapt the systems to meet your needs.