Single-cell analysis defines the lineage plasticity of stem cells in cervix epithelium

Authors: Zhao Z, Wang Y, Wu Y, Li D, Zhan T, Ma Y, Teng X, Zuo W.

Cell Regen 10, 36, 2021


In this study, the authors examined cervical stem/progenitor cells using an in vitro bi-lineage cell culture model. The colony-forming efficiency and colony growth of the cervical stem/progenitor cells at increasing passage number were monitored using the CytoSMARTLux2. This confirmed stable cell self-renewal in vitro, providing a robust culture system. Therefore, the defined model system can provide fundamental insight into the stem/progenitor cells’ function in homeostasis, regeneration, and disease – e.g. gynecologic malignancies – of the cervical epithelium.