Hypersensitivity and Induced Radioresistance in Chinese Hamster Cells Exposed to Radiations with Different LET Values

Author: Koryakina, E., Potetnya, V.I., Troshina, M., Baykuzina, R., Koryakin, S., Lychagin, A., Solovev, A., Saburov, V., Pikalov, V., Shegay, P. and Ivanov, S.

Molecular Sciences, 2022


The authors of this study investigated the impact of radiation linear energy transfer (LET) on manifestation of hyper-radiosensitivity and radioresistance (HRS/IRR) response in CHO-K1 cells exposed to radiations used in radiotherapy. The CytoSMART Exact (formerly known as Corning Cell Counter) was used to quantify CHO-K1 cells before seeding cells for subsequent irradiation experiments. Taken together, the results show a certain dependence of HRS/IRR response on the LET.