Divergence between Neuronal and Oligodendroglial Cell Fate, in Postnatal Brain Neural Stem Cells, Leads to Divergent Properties in Polymorphic In Vitro Assays

Author: Anesti, M., Magkafa, S., Prantikou, E., & Kazanis, I.

Cells, 2022


In this study, it is investigated whether the divergence of cell fate (neuronal versus oligodendroglial lineage) is accompanied by a divergence of properties of the progenitors as a response to the architecture of their microenvironment. The CytoSMART Lux2 was used to record neurospheres plated on Laminin-coated coverslips. It was shown that laminin decreased the neurogenesis, whereas oligodendrogenesis was not affected. The results highlight the importance of neural stem cell assays to investigate key properties of stem cell populations.