Cell shape characteristics of human skeletal muscle cells as a predictor of myogenic competency: A new paradigm towards precision cell therapy

Charlotte Desprez, Davide Danovi, Charles H Knowles
and Richard M Day


Journal of Tissue Engineering Volume 14: pg. 1–18, 2023


The authors of this study reported on the development of an image-based profiling tool to aid the analysis and quantification of morphological features of donor-derived skeletal muscle-derived cells (SMDCs). The Axion BioSystems Lux2 was used to perform time-lapse imaging of SMDC growth, followed by cell confluence analysis carried out by the integrated image analysis software. All in all, the results of the study indicate that live-cell imaging can detect a range of cell phenotypes based on cell shape, which in turn can allow to predict the potency of SMDCs in replenishing muscle function prior to implantation.