How to optimize your research budget using live-cell imaging [Infographic]

Cell viability is an important measure for many investigators working in cancer research, drug development, and tissue engineering. Usually, the metabolic activity of cells is taken as a cell viability measure. However, the major downside of metabolic activity assays (e.g. MTT and Alamar Blue assay) is that they are endpoint measurements.

Thus, if it is of interest to monitor cell viability over time, the number of samples needs to be increased to repeat the assay several times.

Using non-invasive, automated confluence measurements, the same samples can be followed over time, which results in more accurate data with fewer samples and resources. Using the CytoSMART® Omni, brightfield images of a complete well-plate can be obtained.

Below, you can find an infographic about how researchers can optimize their research budget and save unnecessary costs using live-cell imaging.

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