E-book: The Clonogenic Assay

Today the clonogenic assay, also known as the colony formation assay, is widely used in the field of cancer research as the formation of clones is interpreted as a trait of cancer cells with tumor-initiating capabilities. It is considered the “gold standard” in measuring cellular reproductivity as it measures the sum of all modes of cell death, encompassing both early and late events. Technological advancements in computing power and image analysis can now remove counting bias and human error, count colonies in a fraction of the time, remove the need to even stain colonies and offer more high-throughput experimental set-ups.

In this e-book, we discuss:

  • the evolution of clonogenic assay,
  • colony formation assay examples,
  • different ways to perform the clonogenic assay,
  • most common FAQs,
  • and more.

Download this guide to understanding and performing clonogenic assays now!

CytoSMART Ebook The Clonogenic Assay