Disposable slides

microscope slides

Disposable slides

Lab work can be even easier with the new CytoSMART disposable counting slides. These slides are compatible with our brightfield and fluorescence cell and organoid counters. After use, the CytoSMART disposable counting slides can be discarded into a regular biohazard container. This saves you extra time by eliminating the cleaning step of the CytoSMART reusable glass counting slides. What’s more, using disposable slides eliminates potential cross-contamination that might occur when reusable counting slides are not cleaned properly.

Technical specifications

Dimensions (L × W × H)75 mm × 25 mm × 1.6 mm
Chamber depth0.1 mm
Chamber volume10 µl/chamber, 2 chambers/slide
Storage temperature15 – 30 °C
Quantity50 slides
Slider typedisposable*
For use with (equipment)Corning Cell Counter, CytoSmart Exact FL
* for one time use only (the chambers of the slide cannot be fully accessed for proper cleaning)
Research use only. Not intended for diagnostic purposes
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