Cell counting

Cell counting is an indispensable step for any experimental workflow involving in vitro cell cultures, as knowing accurate number of cells in a sample is necessary for assessing the viability of a cell culture, its proliferation rate, as well as seeding cells for cell-based assays. Manual cell counting is tedious and time-consuming, hence the automation of this step can significantly enhance researcher’s productivity, in addition to ensuring experimental reproducibility and accuracy.

CytoSMART Technologies offers both fluorescence and brightfield automated cell counters that can also be adapted to assessing the number and shape of 3D cell cultures, such as organoids. The CytoSMART cell counters are equipped with highly-trained pattern recognition software, which minimizes user-to-user variability and reduces subjectivity in the analysis of sample concentration. Declustering algorithm allows to detect individual cells within cellular clusters, which can be a challenging process when performed manually. The counters automatically generate data reports, providing information on the total cell count, cell viability, and transfection efficiency, among other things.


CytoSMART Exact FL

The CytoSMART Exact FL is an automated, dual fluorescence cell counter that uses an advanced CMOS-based optical system and AI-powered image analysis software to count cells of varying size and shape. In addition to counting individual cells, the device can also be used to count organoids.


Corning Cell Counter

The Corning Cell Counter is an automated cell counter, driven by AI-based cell counting software, designed for a quick, accurate, and reliable assessment of number of cells in a sample. The device can also be equipped with an organoid counting module.

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